About Me

About Brandon Wolfe

Attorney Brandon Wolfe is licensed in both Illinois and Michigan. He is a graduate of Michigan State University who received his Bachelor’s degree in political science. While in law school, Brandon clerked for Honorable Shalina Kumar in Oakland County and gained practical knowledge in Court while learning the law at night. Brandon’s background and experience has shaped his character to advocate passionately for clients who have nowhere to turn and pushes back against insurance companies and corporations who take advantage of honest, hard-working people.

Growing up in Taylor, Michigan, Brandon saw firsthand the injustices that goes on in the world, especially for low-income people, and learned the only thing that levels the playing field is the civil justice system. Our system gives clients healing and closure when justice has been done. It is a system where the smallest individual can stand up to corporate America is truly remarkable. He looks forward to representing you, listening to you, and fighting on your behalf.